Summer Training for High School Athletes – 5 Dos & Don’ts

By Steve SheppardCoaching, Conditioning, Skill of Strength, Sports Performance, Strength

Lets be honest, everyone is thinking about summer right now. Sure, school is technically still going on. However, we all know that while you’re squirming around in your desk pretending to be taking notes on simple squamous epithelium, your brain is fully committed to Tommy Bahama beach chairs, farmer’s tans, Yeti coolers, bon fires, wireless speakers … Read More

5 Mistakes: Training Mixed Martial Artists

By Mike PerrySports Performance

Over the last 3+ years, I‘ve trained a number of fighters. If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve helped prepare MMA Fighters for 75+ fights. I’ve learned a ton along the way and I’m hoping all of these “lessons” I’ve learned will aid other trainers who are just starting to work with combat athletes. For today, I’ll just name … Read More

Invest in Yourself

By Amanda PerryMindset, Sports Performance 1 Comment

We hope you enjoy this guest post by Kyle Ryan, Intern Extraordinaire at SOS! We think he’s wise beyond his years with this one! Plus…his mom trains at SOS and we love her too so we know where he gets his smarts and strength from! 🙂 Invest In Yourself Every Day. You’re likely familiar with the … Read More