Foot and Toe Mobility for MMA and BJJ

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA

When I was younger trainer, I used to snicker when people said that the big toe played a large role in movement. When other coaches wrote about the big toe, I honestly thought they were just trying to write a complicated blog or sound smart to impress others. There’s no way you have to worry about the … Read More

Strength with Time Constraints

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA, Strength 1 Comment

The fight game is tough. I get it. Many fighters are trying to figure out how to fit in technical work as well as strength and conditioning training…often while balancing a full-time job and a family. Fighting is a huge commitment, but like anything, if you want to be the best, there are some sacrifices that you need to make. … Read More

3 Game-Changing Exercises for Combat Athletes

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA, Strength

When it comes to designing training programs for combat athletes, (and really, when designing all training programs) I always look for patterns! I ask myself the following five questions when designing training programs for athletes. What works? What doesn’t? What is the risk/reward? Is the exercise appropriate for the athlete at this time? Is the exercise appropriate … Read More

White Belt Strength Coach 4 Month Update

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA

I started BJJ about four months ago. After training for a month I posted the article, White Belt Strength Coach so I figured it was time for a white belt strength coach 4 month update. After four months of BJJ, I’ve learned quite a bit and changed quite a bit as far as training programs for … Read More

10 Random Thoughts on Alactic Training

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA 2 Comments

Energy system development is a hot topic these days. I spent the last few years researching and applying various protocols and paid specific attention to energy system development for MMA fighters. For this post, I won’t delve too much into what exactly alactic training is. If you want to start with a description of alactic training … Read More

White Belt Strength Coach

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA 2 Comments

I spent the last few years training tons of fighters, but I always knew I was missing something. We’ve had great success preparing fighters to step into the cage, but I needed a greater understanding of combat sports. About a month ago I started my journey into BJJ. I’m training at Fenix Brazilian jujitsu under Raphael … Read More

5 Mistakes Coaches Make When Training Fighters

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA, Strength

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Life has gotten (even more) crazy, but it’s no excuse. I’ve been spending a ton of time writing training programs, looking back at old training programs and researching new ways to improve the performance of my athletes. Today I’m going to share with you what I believe are the biggest … Read More

Armor Building 101

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA, Strength

Armor building is a term I first heard from Dan John. In case you you haven’t heard of him, he’s kind of a big deal. Dan is a seasoned coach and he’s made some amazing contributions to the strength and conditioning community. Here is Dan’s article on armor building. I suggest you read it! … Read More

Spend Your Time Wisely

By Mike PerryCoaching, MMA, Strength 2 Comments

Your time is limited. Spend your time wisely. Fighters need it all. Strength Strength Endurance Power Mobility Flexibility Alactic conditioning Lactic Conditioning Aerobic conditioning Grip strength Core work On top of everything listed above, you CANNOT forget about all of the skill work fighters should/need to be doing at their MMA gyms! Before, I continue, lets … Read More