Summer Training for High School Athletes – 5 Dos & Don’ts

By Steve SheppardCoaching, Conditioning, Skill of Strength, Sports Performance, Strength

Lets be honest, everyone is thinking about summer right now. Sure, school is technically still going on. However, we all know that while you’re squirming around in your desk pretending to be taking notes on simple squamous epithelium, your brain is fully committed to Tommy Bahama beach chairs, farmer’s tans, Yeti coolers, bon fires, wireless speakers … Read More

A Training System for Life

By Mike PerryConditioning, FMS

Over the last 13 years I’ve seen it all. …The functional training phase where everyone was balancing on a bosu ball. …The crossfit boom. …The increased popularity of powerlifting. …and currently we seem to be in a phase where people are focused on movement-based training systems like Movnat, animal flow and original strength. While each of … Read More