It’s Not Rude to Be Happy

By Amanda PerryMindset, Nutrition 4 Comments

Today’s post is a client story that we all need to read. And read again. It’s time to start bringing each other up instead of tearing each other (and ourselves) down. —– Through the Lean in ’16 nutrition program, I have come to the realization that it is time to stop over- empathizing with others’ unhappiness with … Read More

How to Crush a Monday

By Mike PerryMindset, Nutrition

Are you ready to learn how to crush a Monday in a few short steps? Let me tell you this. I used to dread Mondays. Actually it was Sunday nights when the anxiety started. Honestly, I could never really pinpoint WHY I felt that way, I just knew I did. Over the last 10 years I’ve experienced … Read More

How to Love the Gym

By Amanda PerryMindset, Nutrition

You don’t want to hear from a gym owner about how awesome it is to exercise. I’m a freak who loves working out. 😉 Instead, I’ll share an email from a client who has made incredible progress in just one year. He’s gone from dreading exercising to becoming a gym person in one year. Yup, he learned how … Read More

The Best Diet for You

By Amanda PerryNutrition 2 Comments

I want to tell you a secret that will give you (and everyone else) the solution to help you lose weight and maintain a rockin’ body for life. Even though I want to share the super secret fat-loss solution, I can’t.  Unfortunately, when it comes to nutrition, there aren’t many black and white answers. The best diet for me … Read More

Are You Getting Better?

By Mike PerryMindset, Nutrition, Sports Performance

Why do people go to the gym? Generally when you ask someone why he or she exercises, trains, works out…whatever you want to call it, you’ll get a pretty simple answer. People usually exercise to: Lose weight Feel better Look better naked Get stronger Improve cardiovascular health Improve quality of life Prepare for a sport (athletic performance) It’s fairly … Read More

Your Kitchen is Making You Fat

By Amanda PerryNutrition 1 Comment

Thanksgiving is over. I really hope you enjoyed some time with friends and family and chose not to stress for at least that one day about calories. Now, the holiday is over. The long weekend is over. You’re likely back at home and ready to get back to the grind one last time in 2015. With that … Read More

Fat and Happy for Thanksgiving

By Mike PerryMindset, Nutrition

Eat, nap and be fat and happy for Thanksgiving! The holiday season is upon us, and every year people worry about gaining a few extra pounds. Countless blogs are written to keep to “keep your diet on track” or how to “stick to your macros during the holidays.” You know what? Enjoy the freaking day … Read More

Training Advice

By Mike PerryMindset, Nutrition, Sports Performance

I posted this on my MMA Fight Prep Facebook page the other day, but really, these are not just training tips for combat athletes, but training tips for nearly all athletes and most of these apply to all individuals all around! Ten Random Training Tips 1. Squat. I don’t care if you are training for … Read More

Change Starts with One Thing

By Amanda PerryMindset, Nutrition

Today I’m going to tell you about the one thing you need to do in order to lose weight or get in the best shape of your life. This week marks the start of a new year for many people. The kids are back in school, vacations are winding down and it’s time to get … Read More