Why You Can’t Squat

By Mike PerryFMS, Mobility 3 Comments

Squats when done correctly, are amazing for strength, joint health, bone density, hypertrophy and performance. Also, they are not bad for your knees! Let’s stop blaming your bad knees for why you can’t squat and go over some common squatting issues! Maybe it’s not that you can’t squat, but perhaps your squats simply just don’t feel good or … Read More

Five Tips to Succeed at the Gym

By Amanda PerryMindset, Mobility

Joining a gym is scary for some people! We get that. For many of our clients, joining SOS is a huge deal. It’s far from what they have done in the past for fitness. Just the other day a client submitted our contact us form ending with “it’s scary to hit submit, but here we go.” … Read More

Lateral Squat with Counterbalance

By Mike PerryFMS, Kettlebell Training, Mobility 1 Comment

The lateral squat with counterbalance mobility drill can improve your efficiency in the squat, single leg squat, single leg deadlift, lunge, and deadlift. However, like all exercises, you must perform the drill properly to reap the benefits. It’s best to start this drill without any weight until you own the pattern. Once you understand the basics, it’s … Read More

Move Better with Hip Prying

By Mike PerryMobility

Hip prying. You should be doing this! Yes, you. Hip prying might be one of the quickest and most effective hip mobility drills that I know exists. In just a few minutes, I’ve seen clients go from barely being able to squat at all to squatting below parallel! Steps to Perform Hip Prying Mobility Drill … Read More

Effective Hip Mobility Drills

By Mike PerryMobility

For this week’s Mobility Monday, we are flashing back to the first part of a series we did on hip mobility! If you are familiar with our original tag line, it’s as follows: Move Better. Feel better. Perform Better. We meant it. 🙂 If you move well, you will most likely perform well. Here is … Read More