5 Tips to Improve Your Turkish Get Up

By Mike PerryKettlebell Training 3 Comments

The Turkish Get Up is a powerful exercise. By doing TGU’s regularly you can build strength, improve shoulder stability and create a rock solid core. Turkish Get Ups are beautiful to watch when executed correctly, but it’s also a fairly technical exercise and can be frustrating for some individuals. Here are a few of my favorite drills that … Read More

Lateral Squat with Counterbalance

By Mike PerryFMS, Kettlebell Training, Mobility 1 Comment

The lateral squat with counterbalance mobility drill can improve your efficiency in the squat, single leg squat, single leg deadlift, lunge, and deadlift. However, like all exercises, you must perform the drill properly to reap the benefits. It’s best to start this drill without any weight until you own the pattern. Once you understand the basics, it’s … Read More