Why You Can’t Squat

By Mike PerryFMS, Mobility 3 Comments

Squats when done correctly, are amazing for strength, joint health, bone density, hypertrophy and performance. Also, they are not bad for your knees! Let’s stop blaming your bad knees for why you can’t squat and go over some common squatting issues! Maybe it’s not that you can’t squat, but perhaps your squats simply just don’t feel good or … Read More

5 Ways to Become a Better Coach

By Mike PerryFMS, Mindset, Sports Performance 1 Comment

I’ve been coaching for roughly 14 years. I’ve trained professional athletes, weekend warriors, kids, teenagers, collegiate athletes and everyone in between. I have learned a ton along the way and love sharing my experiences in hopes that I can help younger trainers shorten the learning curve and become a better coach. Today I’m going to … Read More

A Training System for Life

By Mike PerryConditioning, FMS

Over the last 13 years I’ve seen it all. …The functional training phase where everyone was balancing on a bosu ball. …The crossfit boom. …The increased popularity of powerlifting. …and currently we seem to be in a phase where people are focused on movement-based training systems like Movnat, animal flow and original strength. While each of … Read More

Lateral Squat with Counterbalance

By Mike PerryFMS, Kettlebell Training, Mobility 1 Comment

The lateral squat with counterbalance mobility drill can improve your efficiency in the squat, single leg squat, single leg deadlift, lunge, and deadlift. However, like all exercises, you must perform the drill properly to reap the benefits. It’s best to start this drill without any weight until you own the pattern. Once you understand the basics, it’s … Read More

Deconstructing the G.O.A.T

By Mike PerryFMS, Mobility 3 Comments

For today’s Mobility Monday, we’re going to dive in and deconstruct a mobility drill that is used by thousands of strength coaches. This mobility drill can also be called the greatest stretch of all time or if you’re looking for something a bit more descriptive, hands-to-instep with a rib pull. I’m sure there are some slight variations of … Read More

How to Improve Overhead Shoulder Mobility

By Mike PerryFMS, Mobility 4 Comments

  Today I’m going to show you a new drill to help clean up your overhead shoulder mobility. I train people with various backgrounds every day. Time and time again, I see people struggling to achieve a healthy overhead position. Why Do You Have Poor Shoulder Mobility? Whether it’s years of poor lifting, poor posture or simply neglecting … Read More

Active Straight Leg Raise Correction

By Mike PerryFMS, Mobility 1 Comment

Today we’ll go over my favorite active straight leg raise correction (ASLR). I’m a huge fan of the functional movement screen. My first FMS certification was at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston around 2008. Since then, I’ve been using it with all of my clients. We utilize the entire screen at Skill of Strength, but … Read More