Coaching 101

By amanda@skillofstrength.comMindset, Personal Training

Coaching is super easy. No seriously, it’s simple really. Write a plan for your clients, follow it and watch them crush PR’s!  I actually think pretty much anyone can become a successful personal trainer or strength coach. Dealing with people is easy. Everyone has continual motivation, discipline for days and the drive to achieve their fitness related goals. No, … Read More

It’s Not Rude to Be Happy

By Amanda PerryMindset, Nutrition 4 Comments

Today’s post is a client story that we all need to read. And read again. It’s time to start bringing each other up instead of tearing each other (and ourselves) down. —– Through the Lean in ’16 nutrition program, I have come to the realization that it is time to stop over- empathizing with others’ unhappiness with … Read More

How to Crush a Monday

By Mike PerryMindset, Nutrition

Are you ready to learn how to crush a Monday in a few short steps? Let me tell you this. I used to dread Mondays. Actually it was Sunday nights when the anxiety started. Honestly, I could never really pinpoint WHY I felt that way, I just knew I did. Over the last 10 years I’ve experienced … Read More

5 Mistakes: Training Mixed Martial Artists

By Mike PerrySports Performance

Over the last 3+ years, I‘ve trained a number of fighters. If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve helped prepare MMA Fighters for 75+ fights. I’ve learned a ton along the way and I’m hoping all of these “lessons” I’ve learned will aid other trainers who are just starting to work with combat athletes. For today, I’ll just name … Read More

Excuses are the Leaning Posts for Fools

By Mike PerryMindset

“Excuses are the leaning posts for fools” I’m not sure where I originally heard this quote, but it may have been from Mr. Bartek, a teacher in the Norton public school system. I hear excuses all the time from people don’t work out. In general, it’s from people who have good intentions about training, but fantastic … Read More