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Movement is your Superpower. I beg you to use it for good, not evil.

Fight or Flight?

Picture this: You are hanging on Sesame Street one day. You are outside at the picnic table eating chocolate chip cookies with Elmo. You notice the Cookie Monster is starting to walk over and he seems rather aggravated.

The cookie monster says “You’re not supposed to eat cookies in my neighborhood! Give them to me!”

You respond with, “I will share, but I won’t give them all to you, Cookie Monster.”

Cookie Monster starts to get even more aggravated and frustrated, and you worry something bad might happen. As he clinches his fist and roars, you go into ‘Fight’ or ‘Flight’ mode.

cookie monster


So, what exactly do you do? Do you fight or do you fly?

Don’t answer that. I don’t care – I just hope you have the ability to do either. I’m not saying you should take up boxing, or run for every day. I am simply reminding you, that if you have the ability to move in these ways, it’s pretty darn cool.

Being able to run, fight, and move is just like having a superpower. A gift, even. By moving well and moving often, we’re using our superpowers for good. If you’re sitting around all day, you’re wasting your superpowers and that’s just evil.

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Mike Perry shared, “You don’t need to lunge, but having the ability to tie your own shoe is pretty awesome. You don’t have to squat, but having to ability to go to the bathroom by yourself is a gift.”

Damn he’s right. Pooping on your own is awesome! And guess what, we (hopefully) poop everyday!

A Powerful Lesson on Movement as a Gift

Back in my 9-5 working days, a new co-worker of mine and I discovered we trained at the same gym. He asked if we could train together after telling me how lack of exercise and movement were catching up to him post-college life. Hell yes, I thought. Adulting rocks! Not only have I made my first work friend, but now I can help him with his fitness goals too? Maybe I will even become the next Chris Powell or the male Jillian Michaels.

Adulting is Awesome

I started teaching my new work friend some exercises and we chatted about how much weight he wanted to lose, how he liked living in the USA and a little bit about his brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. He mentioned how important it is to him that he can always help his brother when needed. We moved on and kept training together for weeks.

We were finishing up one of our training sessions with sleds (everyone’s favorite:-P), and my friend had a little edge to him. He was dogging some exercises early in that workout and when it came to sled time, he said he was done.

I said “No we aren’t. We have 10 more minutes and then we can head out.”

He still wasn’t feeling it so to get him going, I pulled out the big guns and I’m not talking about anyone’s biceps. “Do you know what your brother would do if he had the ability to move and push sleds? He would die to have the ability we do.”

Ten minutes later, we were walking out of the gym after getting our butts kicked by the sleds.

Here’s the lesson. If you have the ability to move and exercise it should not be taken for granted. Movement is a superpower and a gift. If you can fight, run, walk, lift and dance. Do not waste your superpowers by sitting around playing video games all day long.

Here’s another example of how lucky you are to be able to train from Amanda Perry.

6 Ways to Add Movement in Your Life

  • Break your elevator at work so you have to use the stairs
  • Drinking lots of water and coffee so you constantly have to get up to pee
  • Break your office chair so it forces you to stand
  • Park in a different lot at work that is far from the office for a couple extra steps
  • Throw your belongs all over the house so your spouse… I mean YOU… have to clean it
  • Join a fun group exercise program to meet new friends and make movement fun!

Movement is Your Superpower

What’s your favorite way to move? Go do it and better yet, bring a friend with you!

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